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Our poor hands: The biting from strict deadlines.The burns from kitchen fails. The oh-so-worth-it age lines from days spent in the sun. From cooking to working to playing, It’s amazing what our hands go through for us. Isn’t it time we showed those cuticles a little extra love?

Enter Cutie Oil. Made to moisturize, revitalize, and pamper that precious spot where skin ends and nail begins.

Because the first step to self care is caring for your cuticles.

So slide into your favourite sweat set (as if you weren’t already in it). Light some candles. Steep some tea. And end your day the way you started it; by pampering those cuticles.

We are over the moon about this doe foot applicator! It makes it way quick and super easy to massage right into those cuticles. Love, love, love!! No more messy brush bottles you never use anyways. Hello, cuties!!

Hot tips: it really does double as a fabulous perfume oil. 


MIA - A mix of passionfruit and tangerine, with mid notes of pink peony and jasmine. Mia has a standing bi-weekly appointment that never gets moved or canceled. Can be very indecisive over the 5 neutrals in her rotation (including red, the other neutral).

Sweet vanilla, warm amber, with a hint of sandalwood and blackberry. Olivine typically arrives just on time with outlandish tea to spill. Often chooses pink or glitter.

For best application, gently massage the product into your cuticles using the doe-foot applicator. This increases blood flow to the area, which increases product absorption.

 FAQ's from Cutie:

What are the ingredients? 

Coconut oil, Macadamia oil, Meadowfoam oil, Jojoba oil, Fragrance. 6 ml.

What is cuticle oil used for?

Cuticle oil is a moisturizing product specially formulated to hydrate your cuticles (the skin at the base of your nails), your nail beds, and the skin surrounding it. 

How often should you apply Cutie Oils?

At least 1-2 times a day for maximum results! 

Is Cutie Oil recommended by professionals?

Yes! Cutie Oils were created by a veteran nail tech because of the lack of quality products. They are a fan favourite amongst the Nail Technician community. 

Will cuticle oil ruin my gel nails/acrylics/shellac/gel polish?

No, if your nail enhancements were applied properly, cuticle oil should not cause any lifting. 

Will cuticle oil help my nails grow?

While cuticle oil will not increase the speed of your nail growth pattern, it will help strengthen the nail that is currently being produced. Dry, brittle nails are weak and prone to breaks, whereas a healthy moisturized nail well be less likely to peel or crack. 

Do you test on animals?

We would never! We are a vegan, cruelty free company.

What is the shelf life? When does it expire?

We recommend using it within 1 year of purchase, however, with proper use you should run out much sooner than that. 

Which is better, oil or lotion?

The short answer: both! Apply your lotion first, then lock in all that moisture with oil! Oil is a humectant, which means that it creates a barrier that hydration cannot cross. In terms of your hands, it means that the moisture you just slathered all over your hands and nail beds cannot escape!