Draco Magnetic Polish

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Draco is a black nail polish with green magnetic pigment.

The Draco constellation is named after a dragon in Greek mythology, called Ladon. There are many stories about the serpent-like dragon – it was obviously the topic of gossip at the time. Some rumors say it has 100 heads, so we wouldn’t get on its bad side!

Use our magnetic wand while the polish is wet to activate the magnetic particles creating captivating 3D nail art designs. Magnetic wand sold separately.


Follow These Easy Steps:
- Apply 1-2 Thin Coats For Desired Opacity And Let Dry.
- One Nail At A Time, Apply A Thick Coat, And Immediately Hold The Rectangular End Of Your Magnetic Wand At An Angle Over The Center Of Your Nail For 30-60 Seconds.
- Alternatively, Hold Or Rest Your Finger On The Magnet While Applying A Thick Coat. This Will Instantly Create A Cat Eye As You Apply The Polish. Be Sure To Hold Or Rest Your Finger On The Magnet For 30-60 Seconds.
- Once Dry Apply Top Coat And Hold The Wand For Another 30-60 Seconds To Keep The Design In Place.