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SEA SALT SOAP No.1 best-selling sea salt soap will make your bathing experience invigorating and refreshing! Classic, crisp like a day at the beach sea salt scent, combined with a rich foamy lather and natural exfoliators will keep skin soft & smooth all day. Great for a skin-healthy shave too! Drop the soap in a mug and lather up, or use it for legs!

SEAWEED SOAP is a gentle clarifier, removing impurities, leaving the skin ultra fresh and clean. The removal of dead surface cells allows the soap to prepare the skin to be moisturized while showering. 
Active marine algae extracted from select seaweed acts as a protective moisturizer and nutrient for the skin.

SEA ASTER The resilient sea aster flower is packed with nutrients to help calm & soothe any redness or inflammation in the skin, including sunburn. Aromas of earthy seagrass and warm, sun-drenched driftwood instantly calm the senses. Excellent for all skin types, including sensitive & acne prone.

-Sustainable palm and coconut oils, sea salts, glycerin, sunflower seed wax
-Made in the USA