Tie Mask

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Incredibly comfortable face masks with easy-tie cords. They are lined in contrast cotton and have a layer of non-woven fusible interfacing inside that improves filtration. The top cord is meant to be tied around the head at the back or top. The bottom one can go around the nape of the neck, under the hair. Alternatively some find it more comfortable to tie the cords around each ear - all up to you!

- 100% cotton
- Easily adjusted ties
- One size fits most

These masks are not a replacement for N95 masks or medical grade PPE and should not be worn in settings where PPE is recommended. Your mask should be washed between uses.

Please note that in the process of making these Osei Duro learned that some people have larger faces and beards which could prevent the fit from being ideal. These masks were sewn by their admin team in Accra using production remnants. To date, Osei Duro have given away over 400 fabric masks with lining to those who need them in their community in Ghana. WAHOO!