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Styling Services

Navigating the fashion world, and even your own closet can feel overwhelming at times. Whether you're seeking guidance to refine your personal style, prepping for a special event, or simply craving some creative inspiration, look no further! At Frock, we’re thrilled to offer our styling services, drawing upon the same expertise that drives the complete Frock experience you’ve grown to appreciate.



A one-time complimentary 1hr consultation at Frock with Melody*

Within your complimentary consultation at Frock, we can help you understand how to make intentional purchases that will fit into your existing wardrobe, or offer some building blocks on how to create a new closet if your old one no longer serves its purpose.(Anything beyond the initial 1hr consultation will be charged at an additional per/hour rate.)


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A 1hr consultation at Frock - 1st hour is complimentary - any additional hours will be charged at a per/hour rate.

The Frock closet serves as a valuable resource to assist you with your styling needs. Whether you’re exploring an entirely new purchase, bringing your own garments to be styled for you, or combining both approaches, our team is committed to providing expert guidance throughout the process.

A minimum 2hr consultation in the comfort of your own home - 1st hour is complimentary, the 2nd and any additional hours will be charged at a per/hour rate.

We recognize that Frock may not always perfectly align with your unique sartorial needs, which is why we offer the convenience of bringing our services to you!** This personalized service encompasses a detailed discussion to understand your style goals, a comprehensive wardrobe walkthrough for feedback, and an assessment of its effectiveness in meeting your objectives.

A minimum 2hr consultation - 1st hour is complimentary - any additional hours will be charged at a per/hour rate.

If you're in need of styling services for an upcoming event or series of occasions, we can offer tailored solutions to suit your needs. Choose from a private one-on-one consultation utilizing the Frock closet or opt for the convenience of having our team visit your closet to help you style your existing pieces. For a personalized approach, we also provide a combination of these services.

Additional Information

If you have specific requests that extend beyond this description, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Simply reach out with your specific requests, and we'll promptly provide you with the details of our customized offerings.


Pricing Information

Rate: $100 per/hour

*Complimentary Consultation: Frock will offer 2-4 complimentary appointments per month at a first come first serve basis.

**Location Conditions Apply: Within Toronto only - we will use our discretion accordingly. If you have a special event that doesn’t fit within these parameters, reach out.