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Meet Viisiionss, a stunning line of handmade candles from Regina, Saskatchewan. We are so excited to have them in the shop!

Each candle is individually hand-sculpted with paraffin wax. They find this wax has the opportunity for the widest colour-range and is the best to sculpt a variety of shapes with.

The candles are burnable and are odourless. The Wave and Ripple styles do burn the best (least drippy). Most people seem to use them for decor but let us remind you, they can be burned! Just like with any taper candle, the flame can get tall and the candle may drip hot wax. Both Viisiionss and Frock recommend that candles not be left unattended or burned down to the very bottom as it may damage the holder or furniture beneath it. 

- these ripples are 12" tall
- colours and shape will vary as they are hand sculpted shapes
- female owned business