It is their insatiable curiosity, that is at the heart of this brand's history, with an ability to transpose techniques from other fields to leather.

From the pragmatic intelligence of the craftsman-creator with an obsession for hand-woven bags, usually made from vegetable fibres and used daily as practical carry bags in indigenous communities on islands, atolls and remote coastal areas - these basket bags can be found in almost all countries in the world.

From the South Pacific Islands to New Zealand Tribal Kit bags, to the fabulous Japanese craft of Bamboo Basketry, and the refined Wicker Paniers & Baskets from France and UK - all of this basketry work has been transposed into their craft of Leather Weaving.

From what we know , the first signs of Woven Leather originated in the coastal areas of the Balkans. (Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Montenegro). This Ilarian culture where Dalmatia means "land of sheep", there is evidence of trade in Woven Leather sandals from Pharos (Stari grad) on Hvar island with Greek traders. Hand Woven leather shoes were produced in Spain, France, Italy from the 1960's until 1980's. 

Dragon Diffusion's special technique of colouring the undyed crust leather straps in natural vegetable dyes is unique and once they have prepared the leather laces for weaving, their leather weavers use only their hands to craft the bags.

This is the unique nature, attention and energy that Dragon Diffusion gives to their products, and over time and some use, each piece will develop a beautiful aged patina, that enhances the feel and look of this hand crafted piece.

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